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Canford Park is a proposed new mixed-use development in the north of Poole. It is one of several options being considered for new housing by Borough of Poole as part of the Council’s recent consultation on the Draft Poole Local Plan (PLP) which ended on 22 September 2017.

This website shares our evolving ideas and encourages feedback so that the plans can be shaped to meet the needs and challenges of the existing community, as well as future generations.

In autumn 2016, W H White Limited, the promoters of the site, hosted a series of public engagement events across the Borough. The exhibition material demonstrated how around 2,500 new homes and employment space could be brought forward alongside a range of community, leisure and transport infrastructure.

WHW is committed to working through the local plan process and following further discussions with Borough of Poole, our plans are now focused on land to the north of Bearwood consistent with Site UE2 in the emerging Poole Local Plan. Draft Policy PP10 allocations Site UE2 for a minimum of 800 homes and a 60-bed care home at UE2 - North of Bearwood (Canford Park).

Canford Park will create a unique community set alongside a new 44hectare Riverside Country Park providing beautiful parkland which can be enjoyed by everyone.  The Riverside Country Park already benefits from planning permission and will provide access across hitherto private land and the tranquil southern bank of the River Stour.  

Canford Park will deliver various house types and tenures to meet identified local needs including homes for first time buyers, those moving up the property ladder, families, downsizers and those requiring care.

It will also include a new community hub at the heart of the development, providing a range of community facilities, employment opportunities and small everyday shops.

Poole house prices rise to be among highest in Dorset

Monday 14th May 2018

The House Price index, updated in February 2018, shows that house prices in Poole have increased by over 3% over the past 12 months with the average home now exceeding £300,000.
Poole outstrips the average house price in the County, as well as nationally with average house prices in Dorset reaching £293k and £225k as a national average.
Over the past five years Poole residents have seen an average house value rise of £81k compared with comparatively lower jumps across Dorset of £67k and £65k nationally.
First time buyers are also spending, on average, £64,000 more on their first homes than five years ago which also exceeds the Dorset average of a £51,000 increase over the same period.
Whilst house prices are rising nationally and getting onto the housing ladder is a challenge in any market, the Borough of Poole area is feeling the consequences of housing targets not being met for four of... ...more

Canford Park is situated on the edge of Bearwood in the north of the Borough. 

The Borough of Poole is currently consulting on the Draft Poole Local Plan which identifies a need for 14,200 new homes before 2033, together with a requirement for 33Ha of new employment premises and associated infrastructure.Land north and west of Bearwood could play an important part in meeting this urgent need.

Our vision for Canford Park is not just another housing development but a unique opportunity to bring the following elements together to create a great place to live for existing residents, as well as future generations.

  • New homes, with a bias towards family homes to complement the predominantly flatted schemes proposed for central Poole and elsewhere in the Borough.
  • 40% of the new homes will be affordable or aimed at first-time buyers – something rarely achieved within the existing urban area.
  • A 44-hectare Country Park providing beautiful parkland, with public access to the River Stour, which can be enjoyed by everyone.
  • A new community hub providing new shops, services, employment and community facilities.
  • New infrastructure including pedestrian and cycle routes and high-frequency bus services.
  • Contribute to the ongoing success of local primary and secondary schools. 

You can see the latest indicative Masterplan for the site by clicking on the thumbnail below.


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The Poole Local Plan review identifies a need for 14,200 new homes by the year 2033 – around 60% of which should be houses and 40% flats. It will be difficult to meet this requirement for houses within the centre of Poole so there is an important need to create new communities around the edge of the Borough.

The Draft Local Plan therefore identifies two locations for urban extensions in the green belt, which includes land at Bearwood for an allocation of a minimum of 800 homes and a 60-bed care home at site UE2 - North of Bearwood. We believe the development can provide a considerable benefit to the local housing market, including:

  • A wide range of house types are planned for the site including 40% of homes to be provided as affordable housing and properties suitable for first time buyers.
  • There will also be larger family homes for those who want the chance to move up the property ladder and enjoy a garden where the children can play. 
  • A 60-bed care home and various other house types, will also provide facilities for the elderly.
  • Opportunities will also be afforded for self-build homes, providing serviced parcels of land to those looking to build their own home.

The houses will sit within, and retain, the existing features of the site to provide an attractive backdrop to the whole development. 


The Poole Local Plan review estimates that an additional 33 hectares of employment land will be needed by 2033 (this is approximately half the size of the Nuffield Industrial Estate).

Incubation units will be created on-site as part of the Canford Park community hub, to encourage entrepreneurial activity and community enterprise.


Community is at the heart of the Canford Park development.

The community hub will be an important focal point for everyone in the area, offering a thriving social and recreational life. There will be plenty of opportunities for residents to get involved in a whole range of indoor and outdoor activities as the community continues to evolve.

Most importantly, Canford Park will provide a unique opportunity to live, work and play in the same neighbourhood.


The Poole Local Plan review suggests that, in order to mitigate the impact of any new development, new Suitable Alternative Nature Greenspace (“SANG”) will be required. A SANG is akin to a country park but designed with the specific purpose of relieving recreational pressures on sensitive ecological sites – such as the Dorset Heathlands.

The proposed SANG will open up around 44-hectares – that’s equivalent to 61 football pitches - of private land for public access.

This wonderful new parkland setting will be crossed by footpaths and provide access to large sections of the River Stour, which everyone can explore and enjoy.

Green corridors will play host to new walking and cycling routes, play spaces for all ages, natural spaces for wildlife and sustainable urban drainage. The boundary of the site will also incorporate significant structural landscaping to protect the Green Belt boundary.

The large mixed-use development proposed for Canford Park would provide all the key facilities within the same neighbourhood which will benefit both new and existing residents. 

Providing facilities close to where people live opens up the opportunity for residents to use their car less and creates a much better environment for walking and cycling.

This type of development will also create and sustain better public transport links - such as high frequency bus services and much improved pedestrian and cycle routes linking into the wider existing network - which will benefit the wider community.

Vehicular access to the development is proposed from two points along Magna Road.

Canford Park is being promoted by W H White Limited. The company represents a consortium of land owners who collectively control over 300 hectares of land in the north of Poole.

W H White is supported by a wider project team including:


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