In August 2018, W H White Limited undertook a widespread consultation with the community on exciting proposals for a mixed-use development known as Canford Park, located north of Bearwood. 

Canford Park is an opportunity for a sustainable development of around 800 family homes (including up to 320 affordable homes), a 60-bed care home and supporting infrastructure. It will create a unique community set alongside a new Riverside Country Park providing beautiful parkland which can be enjoyed by everyone.  The development will also include a new community hub at its heart providing a focal point and range of community facilities, employment opportunities and small everyday shops.

A Government appointed Inspector has advised that the Poole Local Plan is capable of being sound subject to modifications. The emerging Plan includes an allocation for a minimum of 800 homes, a 60-bed care home and community hub at Canford Park (site UE2, North of Bearwood).

W H White is committed to bringing forward a planning application which reflects this aspiration and comments from the community.  W H White is in the process of finalising plans following feedback from the community made during public exhibition events in August 2018.



W H White held public exhibitions on Wednesday 8 August and Tuesday 21 August 2018. We would like to thank all members of the community that attended the consultation events and provided feedback through this website.

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Public exhibition boards - August 2018

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Newspaper advert - July 2018

Flyer promoting exhibitions -  August 2018

Initial project brochure - July 2018


Borough of Poole likely to fail Housing Delivery Test

Friday 23rd Nov 2018

Planning Resource, the independent planning magazine, has reported that Borough of Poole is among those councils likely to face penalties due to under delivery of new housing.
The Government introduced a new Housing Delivery Test as part of the revised National Planning Policy Framework published in July 2018. The test seeks to ensure that local authorities build homes as well as plan for them. Those authorities that fail to build enough homes over the previous three-year period will have various sanctions imposed on them by the Government.
The Government will publish official delivery figures before the end of November. However, research by Planning Resource shows that two-fifths of Councils in England are expected to have underdelivered new housing against their targets. Included within the 128 councils is Borough of Poole which has delivered just 67.9% of its target. As a result, it i... ...more

The Canford Park site is located on land north of Magna Road, Bearwood. Planning consent has been granted for a Country Park and another part is coming forward as a modern training complex for AFC Bournemouth.

W H White have been promoting the remainder of the site as a sustainable location for new homes, with a series of Borough wide public exhibitions held in Autumn 2016 and more recently in August 2018.

A Government appointed Inspector has advised that the Poole Local Plan is capable of being sound subject to modifications. The emerging Plan, at Policy PP10, includes an allocation for a minimum of 800 homes, a 60-bed care home and community hub at Canford Park (site UE2, North of Bearwood). An extract of Policy PP10 is provided below. 

W H White is committed to bringing forward a planning application which reflects the aspiration outlined in PP10.

The wider Canford Park site may come forward in the future as part of a longer-term vision, which could provide additional family homes set alongside new facilities and infrastructure. However, this is not part of the current proposals.


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W H White is committed to bringing forward a planning application which evolves following comments from the local community and reflects the emerging Policy for the site in the emerging Poole Local Plan.

 The emerging vision for Canford Park represents a unique opportunity to bring forward a sustainable and attractive community for existing residents, as well as future generations.

The emerging vision for Canford Park comprises:

  • Around 800 new homes, with a focus on family houses, rather than flats, as well as accommodation for older persons looking to "right size" and those looking to get onto the housing ladder.
  • Potentially 320 homes (40%) as affordable homes or for first-time buyers – rarely achieved in Poole and Dorset.
  • A 44-hectare Country Park providing beautiful parkland, with public access to the River Stour.
  • A new community hub providing shops, everyday services, business incubator space, and community facilities.
  • A network of walking and cycle routes and improved bus services to enable residents to make sustainable travel choices.
  • New and improved social infrastructure, the scope of which is to be agreed with Borough of Poole through the planning process.


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Canford Park will deliver a range of homes and tenures to provide real benefits and create a vibrant community. Canford Park will meet the Policy requirements of the Poole Local Plan and is likely to include:

Planning permission for the Riverside Country Park has already been granted and the new homes at Canford Park will help to realise its phased delivery.Canford Park will create a 44 hectare Riverside Country Park, the size of 61 football pitches, which has until now been private land.

The Country Park will provide beautiful parkland with a network of riverside walks, cycling routes, ecological hotspots and leisure trails which can be enjoyed by everyone.  

The Country Park will be a formal SANG (Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace) which means it will protect the Dorset Heathlands by providing an alternative location for outdoor activities.

The management of the Riverside Country Park will be undertaken by a specialist management company which will be funded by development contributions and service charges from new homes.

Historic evidence and academic research has shown that the ability to enjoy green open space has a significantly positive correlation with mental well-being, strengthening immune systems and creating healthier and happier communities.

In addition, a Forestry Commission study showed that nearby well-managed green space could result in an average property premium of 2.6% to 11.3%.


Canford Park will provide a new community hub comprising shops, everyday services, business start-up units, a care home and community facilities.

The indicative sketch below shows how a section of the Community Hub may look.


The detailed design of the proposals will come forward as a series of character areas which reflect the characteristics of each part of the site. The plan below sets out the character areas and the broad design approach.

W H White has assembled a project team to progress the technical aspects of the proposals. The team will evaluate feedback from the local community, Council officers and other stakeholders to evolve the detailed design.

It is anticipated that a planning application will be submitted in October as a hybrid application comprising two parts:

  • A detailed application for the access, drainage and key infrastructure
  • An outline application for the principle of new development enabling detailed applications to come forward for each character area

All being well, construction could commence in 2019 with the first homes due for completion in 2021.


Canford Park lies on the northern fringes of Bearwood, which is a diverse residential area that does not set a strong overriding precedent for the proposed density, scale and materials palate of buildings at Canford Park.

To create distinctiveness the neighbourhoods will evolve as different character areas in response to variations in context, local character, visual sensitivity and heritage assets. 

Further information regarding the individual Character Areas are available using the links below:


1. Community Hub

2. Stour Valley Way

3. Central Core

4. Knighton Lane


Canford Park is situated in a sustainable and accessible location close to local and key services in Bearwood, in north Poole.

The proposals will prioritise walking, cycling and public transport, by creating a network of routes through the development to existing and proposed key services. This includes providing a pedestrian crossing point along Magna Road and access to the approved SANG link to the west of the development.

The development will improve and sustain public transport services through increasing the number of bus passengers and transforming Magna Road into a ‘Bus Showcase Corridor’.

Highways Assessment

The overall impact of the additional growth identified in the Local Plan has been assessed using a Borough-wide transport model which concludes that additional growth can be accommodated with a small 2.5% growth in overall traffic levels.

This does not account for any mitigation measures which are likely to reduce the impact on local roads and provide benefits by better managing traffic flow on Magna Road. Such measures will be discussed through the planning process as the proposals move forward.

Access to the site

Vehicular access to the site is proposed from two points along Magna Road:

  • A signalised junction at the existing junction of Knighton Lane and Magna Road. Discussion regarding the exact design of the junction is being undertaken with Borough of Poole and Dorset County Council and will be influenced by the improvements being undertaken to the Junction by Barratt Homes.
  • The creation of a new signalised junction at 94 Magna Road, which is controlled by W H White. An indicative plan of the new access and pathways at 94 Magna Road is shown inset right.

Both junctions will be of sufficient capacity to enable buses and larger vehicles to enter the site. Shared foot and cycle paths will also be provided at each junction and link up with the existing paths on Magna Road.

New pedestrian crossing points will also be provided on Magna Road.


W H White is in the process of finalising plans following feedback made from the community on the emerging Masterplan during public exhibition events in August 2018.

Whilst the deadline for feedback has now passed, please do not hesitate to contact the team should you wish to discuss the proposals. You can contact us here. 

Canford Park is being promoted by W H White Limited. The company represents a consortium of land owners who collectively control over 300 hectares of land in the north of Poole.

W H White is supported by a wider project team including:


Should you have any comments, please contact us or complete a form.