Gravel Hill Improvements

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Friday 9th Sep 2016

Mildren Construction are currently undertaking work to improve Gravel Hill / Queen Anne Drive Junction for all users. The works include widening the carriageway to provide additional highway capacity, upgrading the signals to provide a toucan crossing (suitable for both pedestrians and cyclists) and introducing a shared footway / cycleway around the junction.

The works will improve the flow of traffic at Gravel Hill / Queen Anne Drive, help reduce the likelihood of long unexpected delays and congestion caused by accidents, and help improve the safety for all road users. The current speed limit between Queen Anne Drive and Arrowsmith Road will be reduced from 60mph to 40mph, making the road feel less like an urbanised motorway.

The works at Gravel Hill / Queen Anne Drive Junction are part of the Council’s wider transport strategy, widening the existing footway from Queen Anne Drive to Dunyeat's Road Junction, to make it a shared footway/cycleway to provide the missing cycle link connecting Merley to Poole town centre.

It is expected that the road closure will be lifted at the end of November 2016, with work completed in January 2017.