The need for more homes is once again in the headlines...

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Thursday 11th Aug 2016

The need for more homes is again in the headlines.  The House of Lords is calling for further reforms and in a recent radio interview, Baroness Wheatcroft was adamant that the country needs to build more homes to improve affordability.  The Strategic Housing Market Assessment for Eastern Dorset demonstrates just how hard it is to get a foot on the ladder: … the affordability of property has worsened quite markedly over the past 15 years. In Poole the affordability of market housing, measured using the lower quartile house price to lower quartile income ratio is 9.2 (2013 figure) and goes on to say that: This figure is well above the South West regional figure of 7.8 and the national average of 6.5 indicating that affordability in the Borough is an issue.

This will resonate with many young people trying to get on the housing ladder, as well as families trying to move up. 

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